We provide a wide range of chemical toilet facilities for construction sites, events and outdoor work locations.

Construction and Industry

We have a large fleet of chemical toilets, accessible chemicals toilets, urinal blocks and effluent tanks which can be delivered on the same day or within 24 hours by a team with decades of experience.


We supply high quality mobile toilet units and chemical loos to the events industry.

With a wide range of solutions, we can accommodate the needs of customers, across a range of different industries suitable for a wide variety of customer needs, whatever the event.  

Range of Products

We stock a wide range of products to cater for your needs:

  • 4x4 Chemical Toilets
  • Mains Connects Toilets
  • Wheelchair Accessible Toilets
  • Urinal Blocks
  • Effluent Tanks

Extraspace also provide effluent tanks with weekly or biweekly servicing and can also service our customers tanks if required.

Tom is here to help

If you need mobile toilet facilities for an event or construction site, please get in touch.

Call or email your queries to Tom:

086 275 8467


How much notice do I need to book a toilet(s)?

We can normally deliver the majority of orders the next day, however the more notice you can give us the better. 

It also helps if you/ a representative can be onsite when we deliver/collect the unit(s). 

How much space do I need?

Standard units are 4ft square; please leave enough space for the unit and for the door to open and close.

Where is the best place to put the toilet?

To deliver and collect the toilet: Clear access to the site where it will be placed and clear access to the unit.

Servicing: We can access a toilet from up to 15 metres away.

Positioning: Level ground away from windows that may need to be opened, access should be clear at all times.

Please provide a detailed site adress and an onsite contact, as well as any access details to our team at the time of placing your  order, to ensure delivery on time. 

Can I move the toilet once it’s on site?

If you need to move the toilet, please do so carefully, and ensure it’s within 15 metres of the closest access point for our vehicles so we can service it.

If you do move the toilet, please let us know its new location, so that our service vehicles are aware. 

Do I empty the toilet(s) myself?

No, we clean and service our toilets.

The chemicals used in our loos are specially designed, so no other chemicals should be added to the tank as it can cause them to be less effective.

If the toilet is not flushing, pour a bucket of water into the pan to bring the water level back up and pump several times.  If this doesnt work, contact the team and we'll send a maintenance engineer out as soon as possible. 

Are there lights in the toilets?

Our portable units have a translucent roof as a source of light. 

Our larger units are fitted with lights. 

When do you service the toilets?

Our units are serviced every week, on weekdays, between the hours of 7.30am and 4.30pm.

We do not service on Bank Holidays/weekends. 

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“We purchased two containers from Extraspace approx 3 months ago. These are currently in use for our DNA + Forensics lab sessions. The reports from the students and lecturers have been very positive. From start to finish the process of securing containers, dealing with Extraspace, Ordering and delivery was top notch and Clodagh was always on hand if we required anything. So once again thank you very much to the Extraspace team for everything.”

TU Tallaght

TU Tallaght

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